Events & Activities

AHEPA Vienna Honors Nikos Kazantzakis
> 14 June 2024

AHEPA Vienna honored the renowned Greek writer Nikos Kazantzakis with an event on June 14, 2024 at the restaurant "Hellas" in the center of Vienna.

The occasion for the event was the installation of a commemorative plaque in honor of Kazantzakis on the building at Alserstraße 26, in the 9th district of Vienna, where he lived for a short time in 1922. The aim of the event was to highlight this unknown aspect of Kazantzakis's life and to inform the wider Viennese public about his deep connection to the city.

The event is an important outreach activity for AΧΕΠΑ Vienna, contributing to the preservation of Kazantzakis' memory and the promotion of Greek culture in Austria.

Concert In Hope and Memory
> 15 March 2024

The concert In Hope and Memory,  which took place on the 15th of March in the Schubert Hall of the Vienna Konzerthaus, was a great success. The event was co-organised by AHEPA Vienna Nikolaos Dumba and AHEPA Central Europe District.

The evening was dedicated to the memory of the victims of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974, the pain of displacement and the desire of the Cypriot people for freedom and reunification.

The response from the Austrian public and members of the Greek diaspora, as well as a large number of diplomats, was excellent. The hall was packed and the applause at the end of the performance was warm and unexpectedly long, reminding everyone of the tragedy of Cyprus, but also of the

endless hope for a solution to the Cyprus problem.

The concert was made possible with the substantial financial support of the AHEPA Central Europe District, as well as the support of the Embassy of Cyprus in Vienna, with the personal contribution of  Ambassador Andreas Ignatiou.

AHEPA Central Europe Region Mid-Term Conference
> 26 to 28 January 2024

AHEPA Vienna successfully organised the AHEPA Central Europe Region Mid-Term Conference from 26 to 28 January 2024.

The conference, entitled "Supporting our Principles", brought together 50 delegates from the Central European Divisions as well as representatives of AHEPA Greece, who exchanged experiences and ideas to promote the common values and goals of the organisation.

Highlights of the conference:

>Presentations from the Central European departments on their activities and achievements.

>Discussions on the challenges and opportunities facing the organisation in Europe.

>Workshops to develop new ideas and strategies to strengthen and promote AHEPA.

The event gave the participants the opportunity to strengthen their ties, exchange knowledge and experiences, and pave the way for an even more dynamic presence of AHEPA in Europe.

Award of the Hellenic National School of Vienna
> 21 December 2023

The Academy of Athens, the highest intellectual institution of the Greek State, has decided, following a proposal by the AHEPA Vienna "Nikolaos Doubas", to award the Hellenic National School of Vienna with the Simon Sina Prize of the Second Class of Letters and Fine Arts for the year 2023.

This is an in-house prize awarded to personalities or institutions (natural or legal persons) who, through their academic or intellectual activity and contribution, have contributed to the development and promotion of Greek education and Greek studies, both in Greece and abroad.

The award ceremony took place in the Ceremonial Hall of the Academy of Athens on Thursday 21 December 2023

AHEPA Vienna Unveils Plaque in Honor of Nikos Kazantzakis
> 30 November 2023

In May 1922, the renowned Greek writer Nikos Kazantzakis visited Vienna, where he spent the summer immersed in writing and the work of Sigmund Freud. It was during this time in Vienna that he began writing his seminal philosophical work, "Ascetic".

Recognizing the significance of Kazantzakis's time in Vienna, Antonios Koliadis, a Greek diplomat currently serving at the Permanent Representation of Greece to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), advocated for the installation of a plaque commemorating the writer's stay. Inspired by Koliadis' proposal, AΧΕΠΑ Vienna, a local chapter of the American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association, took the initiative to make it happen.

After overcoming various bureaucratic, technical, and financial hurdles, AHEPA Vienna successfully placed a marble plaque dedicated to Nikos Kazantzakis on the building at 26 Alserstrasse where he once resided. The plaque was unveiled on November 30, 2023 and now adorns the entrance to the building on one of the city's busiest streets.

This effort by AHEPA Vienna serves as a lasting tribute to Kazantzakis' presence in Vienna, with the writer's well-known words from "Ascetic" - "I hope for nothing, I fear nothing, I am free" - now etched in the Austrian capital alongside his memory.

National Anniversary of October 28
> 29 October 2023

The Greek community in Vienna celebrated the national anniversary of October 28, 1940, the famous "OXI" of the Greeks, with great pomp and ceremony.

A delegation of AHEPA Vienna "Nikolaos Doubas" was present first at the Doxology in the Holy Trinity Cathedral and then at the wreath-laying ceremony in front of the tomb of Alexander Ypsilantis in the Sankt Marx Cemetery in Vienna.

Eternal memory of the heroes and heroines of the 1940s!

Swearing in of Members
> 20 October 2023

The 22nd of October marked a double activity for the AHEPA Vienna Branch: The election of a new Board of Directors, but also the induction of three new members. The outgoing Board, chaired by Ioannis Stavrou, passed the baton to the new Board, chaired by Poly Polydorou. 

The newly elected Board immediately proceeded to its first action, which was the induction ceremony of three new members of AHEPA Vienna Section "Nikolaos Doubas", namely Sotiris Markopoulos, Konstantinos Halikias and Konstantinos Bitsios.

AHEPA Vienna at the Farewell Reception of Ambassador Koika in Vienna
> 20 October 2023

On Friday, October 20, we were invited to attend the farewell reception of the Ambassador of the Hellenic Republic to Austria, Mrs. Efthimiadou.

The presence of numerous members of the diplomatic corps in Vienna, academics, people from the world of art, literature, music and the organized Diaspora as well as the Greek Orthodox Church was a practical statement of the successful tenure of Mrs. Koika and the strong imprint she left in Vienna.

AHEPA Vienna "Nikolaos Doubas" had the great honor and good fortune to work repeatedly with the outgoing Ambassador Mrs. Koika to promote the goals of the Brotherhood. Under her auspices, we organized major events such as the 200th Anniversary of the National War of Independence, the 100th Anniversary of the Asia Minor Catastrophe.

We have always cooperated with her for the promotion of Hellenism among the Austrian public and for the promotion of homogeneity.

We wish her a safe journey to her homeland and every success in her new tasks.

Swearing in of Members
> 11  June 2023

On the afternoon of June 11th, in a very modest way and according to the more than one hundred year old ritual of the AHEPAINS, the initiation of the new brothers into the Brotherhood took place.

The growth of the Brotherhood and its constant and uninterrupted action in the service of the humanitarian values of timeless Hellenism is the goal of all of us and is served by the strong fraternal relationship of its members. The recognition of its contribution and work so far was underlined by the presence of the Governor of Europe, Mr. Demosthenes Mammonas. The Board of Directors and the members of the Fraternity were present to welcome the new brothers and then participated in a dinner.

Strengthened numerically and morally, we all continue our actions together.

Voluntary Blood Donation in cooperation with the Vienna Red Cross
> 27  April 2023

Once again, AHEPA Vienna, in cooperation with the Vienna Red Cross, organized a voluntary blood donation on 27 April 2023.

Because blood donation, as participation and support of human need without discrimination and inhibitions, embodies the deeper meaning of volunteerism, from which we draw inspiration for a range of activities.

We thank everyone for their contribution

Celebration of the Annunciation of the Virgin and the anniversary of the Greek Revolution of 1821
> 26  March 2023

The Vienna based Greek community celebrated once again the ecclesiastical feast of the

Annunciation of the Theotokos as well as the anniversary of the Greek Revolution of 1821. We

honored our ancestors who fought heroically against the Turkish occupation so that today we can live free in our homeland.

At the same time, we respectfully celebrated our Orthodox faith, commemorating the anniversary of

the announcement of the birth of Jesus to his Holly Mother.

AHEPA Vienna Chapter “Nikolaos Doumbas” was represented, at first during the traditional Doxology

of the National Anniversary of March 25 and then at the laying of wreaths in front of the plaque of

Rigas Velestinlis,that is installed by the entrance of the Holy Church of Saint Georgios.

Long live the Nation, long live Freedom !

The liberated Greece and classical antiquity - An initiative of AHEPA Vienna Nikolaos Doumbas
> 25  March 2023

This year's annual celebration commemorating the Greek Revolution attained a significant character, through the hosting of a periodical exhibition : "Liberated Greece and Classical Antiquity in the entrance area of the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in Vienna.

This event was the result of the partnership between AHEPA Vienna Nikolaos Doumbas and the curator of the exhibition, Archaeologist Ms. Ellis Papazois from the University of Graz. It is a part of the broader context of AHEPAs efforts to promote and encourage the bond of Greeks who live abroad with Greece and its history.

The exhibition opened at noon on March 25 :
Greetings were delivered on behalf of the Holy Metropolis of Austria by the Primate of the Ecumenical Throne Father Ioannis Nikolitsis and on behalf of the Embassy of Greece in Vienna by the Counselor of the Embassy Mrs. Eleni Golousi.

A brief greeting and introduction to the exhibition was given by the president of AHEPA Vienna ‘Nikolaus Dumbas’ Dr. Ioannis Stavrou. The curator Ms. Elli Papazoi discussed and presented the content and objectives of the exhibition and conducted a guided tour.

A large number of visitors as well as representatives of diplomatic missions and members of different organizations of the Greek diaspora attended. The exhibition, was open from Friday 24 March until Sunday 26 March and was under the auspices of the Holy Metropolis of Austria and the Embassy of Greece in Vienna.

The traditional cutting of the New year’s cake - Vasilopita
> 15  January 2023

On January 15th, our Chapter’s Traditional New Year’s traditional cake cutting took place in a selected eestaurant in the center of Vienna.

For the first time after the covid pandemic, we were able to celebrate this traditional custom and meet

with the families and friends of our members, with friends of the AHEPA organization, with distinguished academics of the Greek community, as well as with representatives of the Hellenic and

Cyprus diplomatic missions.

The ‘Vasilopita’ cutting was blessed by the Protopresbyter of the Ecumenical Throne and AHEPA Brother Father John, representing the Most Reverend Metropolitan Mr. Arsenios. Chapter President Dr Ioannis Stavrou welcomed the guests of our AHEPA chapter with a short introduction.

In their greetings, both the Ambassador of Greece Ms. Koika, and the Ambassador of Cyprus

Ms. Michael, emphasized, among other things, their appreciation for the multifaceted contribution of

AHEPA to the development of the Greek diaspora here in Austria.

All guests enjoyed a Dinner in a friendly and festive atmosphere.

Commemorative event for the 100th anniversary of the Asia Minor Disaster
>05 November 2022

On Saturday, November 5, 2022, a historical and very sentimental commemoration event for the

100th anniversary of the Asia Minor Disaster was held at the Holy Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in


AHEPA Vienna Nikolaos Doumbas and the Lyceum of the Greek Girls of Vienna, under the auspices

of the Holy Metropolis of Austria and the Embassy of Greece in Vienna, co-organized this special

evening entitled >Smyrni, 100 years later<.

Greetings were addressed by the co-organizers, the President of AHERA Vienna Dr. Ioannis Stavrou

and the President of the Lyceum of the Greek Girls of Vienna Mrs. Zografia Pipinou, the Most Reverend Metropolitan of Austria Mr. Arsenios and the Ambassador of Greece to Austria Mrs. Ekaterini Koika.

The keynote speaker, Doctoral candidate Mr Ioannis Brigos who presented the topic 100 years later: >The assessment of the destruction of Smyrna and its reflection in modern Greek-Turkish relations<.
The evening was accompanied by music by the artists Yiannis Raptis and Xanthi Tokmakidou -

Trifunovic, who interpreted excerpts from the play Mikra Asia to the music of Apostolos Kaldaras and

lyrics by Pythagoras.

At the end of the event, a reception was held by the organizers in the event hall >Rigas Feraios> of

the Holy Metropolis of Austria.

We all must remind ourselves that there are no lost homelands, but forgotten homelands.

Laying of wreaths in memory of the Fallen of the Epic of  1940
>30 October 2022

In memory and honor of the unsung heroes of the epic of 40 as a testimony of faith in the eternal

idea of the Freedom of the Greeks a wreath was symbolically laid in front of the tomb of Alexandros

Ypsilantis. Members of the Greek expatriate community were present.

Swearing in of Members
> 26  September 2022

On September 26, 2022, AHEPA Vienna welcomed two elite new members :

Dr. Iakovos Georgiou and Mr Georgios Parcharidis.

On the same day, the Chapter’s annual plenary session highlighted the new board of directors

for the current period, with the re-elected president, Mr. Dr. Ioannis Stavrou

Reinforcement of the work of the Voluntary Group of Citizens of Peristeri
> 22  June 2022

In a very well organized and coordinanted collaboration with the philhellenic association of Vienna Hellenic Wave - - medical equipment in stock was transferred from an Austrian hospital to the offices of the Volunteer Group of Citizens of Peristeri (

AHEPA has the deep conviction that the strengthening of such established local structures directly expresses and outlines the humanitarian profile of our organization.

Annual commemoration celebration in Mauthausen, Austria –former Nazi concentration camp
> 15 May 2022

On May 15, 2052 the liberation of the nazi concentration camp in Mauthausen in the state of Upper Austria was honored and remembered.

The Greek delegation during the ceremonies were led by the Honorable Ambassador of the Hellenic Republic in Vienna Mrs Ekaterini Koika, and was comprised of twenty-five

(25) people. Amongst them were Father of Saint Metropolis of Austria Ioannis Nikolitsis (Brother of AHEPA Nikolaus Doumbas). Our chapter was officially represented by Secretary Stergios Laitsos.

This activity was also realized as part of global wide participation of AHEPA Chapters as a part of the annual celebration of ‘AHEPA Day’.

Evening of „ENTECHNO“ Greek song and music
> 7 May 2022

A very special contribution to the overall activities of the Greek Diaspora in Vienna was made with a Greek music and song evening thanks to the two brothers – composers and

musicians – Yiannis Raptis and Andreas Zenios.
Many Greeks and non Greeks friends of Greece and Greek music attended in a very warm atmosphere of the Greek

restaurant “Sokratis”.

AHEPA Vienna Chapter Nikolaus Dumbas organized and coordinated the evening.

AHEPA Vienna Nikolaus Dumba honors the National Day Anniversay of March 25 th
27 March 2022

On 27 of March 2022 a delegation from our Chapter was present during the traditional Doxology commemorating the National Anniversary for the Independence celebration of March 25 th. Following the service the AHEPA delegation layed a commemorative wreath by the plaque of Riga Velestinli next to the entrance of St George church.
Long live the memory of our Heroes !

> March 2022

AHEPA Vienna Chapter ‘Nikolaus Dumbas’ is fully aligned with all western societies in supporting the Ukrainian people against the violation of their territorial integrity by Russia. We also share the same unconditional support by our western partners demonstrated now as it compares to their passive approach to the invasion of Cyprus by Turkey and the occupation of 38% of its territory for more than half a century. 

As we consider our national interests we are compelled that the revisionism by Russia and its expansion at the expense of Ukraine could have an impact and as result to cause Turkey to become more provocative and to legitimize its continued dispute of Greek sea, air and land territory.

Abiding by the founding principles of AHEPA, the tragic memories of the disastrous Asia Minor events and inspired by the philanthropic principle of our founding fathers we contribute right away for the relief of the largest migrant wave experienced in the heart of Europe in its history.

>> On February 28, 2022 and thanks to the medical team of our chapter valuable

medical supplies of 7 cubic meters was collected at the hospital of the Austrian

city of Wiener Neustadt and was transferred to the seat of the Ukrainian community in Vienna.

>>On March 2, 2022 a representative of our chapter attended a special church service for “a prayer for Peace” It took place at the Greek Orthodox Metropole under the auspices of his eminence Metropol Arsenios and high Austrian dignitaries including the Austrian Chancellor-Karl Nehammer- and Vice Chancellor.

Exhibition of traditional costumes by the Greek Lyceum of women in Vienna
> 13  November 2021

On November 13m 2021 the opening of an exhibition of traditional costumes from the

grand collection of the Lyceum of Greek women of Athens took place. The event took

place at the Rigas Velestinlis event venue of the Holy Metropole of Austria.
It was a humble ceremony where the exhibits were the center of attention and added to the glamor and importance of the event.
The President of AHEPA Vienna Chapter ‘Nikolaus Doumbas’ Dr Ioannis Stavrou

welcomed the guests. Short greetings and acknowledgements were given by His Eminence Metropolitan of Austria Mr Arsenios and the Honorable Ambassador of the Republic of Greece in Austria, Mrs Ekaterini Koika. The General Consul of the Republic of Cyprus in Austria Mrs Anna Papasavva also honored the exhibition opening with her presence.

The musical portion of the event was conducted by Ms Sofia Lambropoulou who is a very talented musician of the traditional Greek instrument kanun.

A tour of the exhibits - by the curators of the exhibition and members of the Lyceum

of Athens women Mrs Penelope Baltazanou and Soultana Veliskou - provided all

guests with an expert perspective.

The exhibition has been organized and coordinated by the AHEPA Vienna ‘Nikolaus

Doumbas’ in cooperation with the Holy Metropolis of Vienna and the Embassy of the Hellenic Republic in Austria. The organization and event were realized thanks to the sponsorship and financial support of the “Ellada 2021” committee. 

Walk through landmarks of the Greek presence in Vienna’s historical center
> 2  October 2021

On Saturday October 2,2021 members of AHEPA Chapter of Vienna ‘Nikolaus

Doumbas’ and the diplomatic mission of the Republic of Cyprus had the opportunity

to walk through landmarks of the Greek presence in Vienna’s historical center. The

tour was focused on the historical composition of the community, the economic, social, cultural and spiritual presence during the era of Neohellenic enlightment. The contribution of the Greek community to the city of Vienna and its society was discussed. The tour was graciously offered voluntarily by by Stergios Laitsos - a certifiable Austrian tour guide and Secretary of our AHEPA Chapter.

Initiative for the Support of Minority Schools of Thrace
> 13 September  2021

AHEPA Vienna demonstrated once again its commitment for the continuity of a charity long-term delivery of the Greek element in our second homeland Austria, as recorded historically since the years of the benefactor Nikolaos Dumbas.:

In close cooperation with the AHEPA Chapter Lucas Miltiades Miller – A611 we facilitated the launch of the new school year for students of the minority school of the village of Sminthis in Thrace by

contributing to the purchase of educational material.

During a humble ceremony, the following school items were handed to each student :

5 notebooks

10 pencils

1 set of wood paints

1 painting block

1 sharpner and 1 eraser

1 school back pack

1 aluminum bottle.

A warm thank you to the Brothers of AHEPA Chapter A611 as well as in the local community of Sminthis ,

Greece for their confidence and trust.

Online event on the Ecumenical Patriarchate in the nineteenth century
> 24 June 2021

We warmly thank the several participants of the online event of AHEPA Wien  - Nikolaus Dumba on the subject of

 the “Ecumenical Patriarchate in the nineteenth century”, as well as the transporters of our they honored with their active presence. We would particularly like to thank the professor and deputy director of the Center for Asia Minor Studies, Mr.

Stavros Th. Anestidis for his conviction and documented speech,

as well as

>His Eminence Metropolitan Arsenios of Austria and Hungary

>The Deputy Diplomatic Chief and Advisor for the Greek Presence in Vienna Mrs. Eleni Goulousi

>The High Governor - Supreme Governor – of AHEPA Europe Region 10 - Europe Mr. Manos Pityris

>The District Governor – of European Region AHEPA European District 28 Mr. Georgios Kritikos

>The coordinator of the organizations of the Europe Daughters Penelope&quot; - Liaison of Daughters of Penelope

Mrs. Athanasia Vassiliadou

for their active contributing to the success of the event.

Online presentation for the commemoration of the Bicentennial (200 th ) anniversary of the declaration of the war of Independence
>  8 April 2021

We express our appreciation to the numerous participants in this on line presentation and all sponsors that the honor us with their trust.

Special thanks for the Professor Ms Stasinopoulou for her insight and in depth knowledge of the subject.

In addition we acknowledge and thank Conductor Strikos and Soprano Kianidou for the musical experience they shared with us.

A sincere appreciation and thank you to :

for their active contribution to the successful outcome of this event.

AHEPA Vienna Nikolaus Dumba honors the National Day Anniversay of March 25 th
>  28 March 2021

On 28 of March 2021 a delegation from our Chapter was present during the traditional Doxology commemorating the National Anniversary for the Independence celebration of March 25 th. Following the service the AHEPA delegation layed a commemorative wreath by the plaque of Riga Velestinli next to the entrance of St George church. Long live the memory of our Heroes !

AHEPA Vienna Nikolaus Dumba honors National Day Anniversary of 28 th October
> 25 October 2020

Together with the Greek community : on 25.10.2020 a laying of wreaths ceremony at the Sankt Marx cemetery took place following the regularly established Doxology. May the memory of our Heroes live for ever !

Charitable Gala concert for the “The smile of the child” foundation
> 20 February 2020

The event speaker was the President of the foundation “The Smile of the child” Mr Konstantinos Giannopoulos. The Ambassador of the Hellenic Republic her Excellency Madamme Ekaterini Koika.

Presentation : “Steps for safe navigation through the web”
> 12 October 2019

AHEPA Chapter Vienna Nikolaus Dumba organized an event-presentation on 12 October 2019. The key subject was “safe navigation” of the web. The keynote speaker was Mr Emmanuel Sfakianakis, President of the Cyber Security International Institute  (CSII).

Donation of medication to the AHEPA hospital of Thessaloniki
>June 2019

Our Chapter in a gesture of solidarity together with the philhellenic Austrian organization –Griechische Welle – gathered medications valued of more than 30,000 Euros and donated also covering their shipping charges to the AHEPA hospital of Thessaloniki.